Insulation Incentives for Homeowners

Installing batt & roll, blown-­in and spray foam insulation means continuous long-­term utility cost cutting. You can enjoy your first taste of energy savings through federal tax credits. Currently, 10% of the cost of insulation products, up to $500, is available to those who qualify.

Certain air sealing products may also qualify. Visit the ENERGY STAR Consumer Rebates page for further details.

Insulation Incentives for Builders

High-efficiency homebuilders may qualify for $1,000 to $2,000 in federal tax rebates through the ENERGY STAR Homes program. Visit the ENERGY STAR website for eligibility.

A credit of $2,000 is available to homebuilders who build high-­efficiency homes (including both site-­built and manufactured homes). Qualifying homes must be designed so that heating and cooling energy used will be 50% less than a home that meets the standards of the 2006 International Energy Conservation. In addition, a $1,000 credit is available to manufactured home producers producing models that save 30% or that qualify for the federal Energy Star Homes program.

Extensive and updated information on consumer and contractor incentives can be found by choosing a link below:

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