Termite Control, Protection & Prevention

Protect your assets from termite damage with the best in termite control and prevention from Panhandle.

An estimated $2 billion is spent annually on the cost of termite control in the United States. It is also reported that each year an average 1 in every 30 home in the U.S. will suffer a termite infestation, and unfortunately termite damage is not covered by most home insurance policies.

Termites cause over $50 Billion dollars in damage each year.  This is more than fire and natural disasters combined.

Apart from buildings, termites may also damage utility posts and other wooden structures, like household furniture.

With many different termite species active throughout the U.S, it is in your interest to be aware of the risks they pose to property.

If you are worried that you might have an undetected termite problem, contact Panhandle Termite & Pest Control (a division of Panhandle Insulation) at (850) 871-0894.

Early detection can help to lower the overall cost of repairs, and make termite control a cost-effective way to guard your property against termites and keep it structurally sound.

new-panhandle-termite-an-pest-controlProtect Your Home or Business From Termites!

The early signs of a termite problem are difficult to detect unless you are specially trained.

Panhandle’s technicians undergo continual industry training to help them accurately identify termites.

As part of a professional service, Panhandle offers a FREE Termite inspection for all homes and businesses to detect the early signs of termite activity. We also provide WDO inspections required by banks for loan closings.

Based on the findings, Panhandle provides a customized solution plan using conventional termite methods.


  • **Free evaluation service**
  • **No Obligation**
  • **Easy to arrange**
  • **Convenient appointments to suit you**

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Termite Prevention Treatments

Even if you don’t have a termite problem now, prevention is the best medicine.

As all buildings are at risk of a termite problem, even properties made out of brick and stone, it pays to consider a suitable prevention plan to guard your property against a possible infestation in the future.

As part of a prevention plan, Panhandle will carry out a thorough inspection covering all areas of your building where termite problems may occur.

Our termite experts will look for any signs of termites or termite damage.

If your property is given the all clear, we will give you information on Panhandle’s Prevention Plan and useful tips to help prevent termites. These plans are especially useful for properties located in high risk areas.

If a problem is found, we will offer expert advice on the treatment options available to you.