Advanced Air Barriers for Superior Savings and Efficiency

Spray Foam for New Construction

With the ability to expand into areas otherwise missed, spray foam is an exceptional product when it comes to coverage and R-value. It provides air-sealing qualities above and beyond those of other insulation products, closing the door on unwelcome environmental intruders. Using spray foam in new construction is a prime opportunity to set your structure on the path to long-term thermal efficiency, acoustical soundness and optimal indoor air quality.

  • High R-value for Outstanding Thermal Performance
  • Minimized Moisture Intrusion
  • Excellent Sound Control
  • Pest and Allergen Barrier
  • Premium Indoor Air Quality
  • Structural Strength
  • Fire Resistance
  • Water Resistance

Brochures, Performance Data & MSDS Sheets


Homeowner Brochure
EnergyComplete™ System FAQ
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Noise Control

Performance Data

EnergyComplete™ Regional Case Studies
EnergyComplete™ Warranty
EnergyComplete™ Letter for Building and Code Officials
EnergyComplete™ Product Data Sheet

MSDS Sheets

EnergyComplete™ Spray Foam with Flexible Seal Technology-­‐Part A
EnergyComplete™ Spray Foam with Flexible Seal Technology-­‐Part B

The Spray Foam Advantage

The Financial Benefit

Foam insulation provides superior air sealing and thermal performance that translate to all-­around savings over the life of a structure:

  • Lower utility bills
  • Less wear and tear on HVAC equipment
  • Excellent home resale value
  • Long-­term cost effectiveness
  • Available Financing for Home Energy Efficiency
  • Available State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency
  • Good overall investment in terms of lower utility costs, lifecycle of heating and cooling systems and structural soundness over the life of a home

Check out our cost calculator here!

The Building Benefit

Spray foam offers multiple benefits to building envelope performance:

  • Higher R-­‐value per inch for outstanding thermal performance and more consistent comfort levels
  • Rigidity for added structural integrity
  • Acts as a secondary moisture vapor barrier for a reduction in wall cavity moisture intrusion
  • Excellent sound control
  • Ability to fill every void, especially irregular cavities, for optimum air sealing
  • Greater overall efficiency
  • Building science is the key to a healthier, greener, more efficient and more cost-­‐effective  home
  • Important part of an ENERGY STAR home

The Health Benefit

  • Healthier, safer and more comfortable living environment
  • Eliminates air infiltration, reducing the amount of allergens and other outdoor pollutants
  • Blocks mold and mildew growth through reduced moisture
  • Will not settle or decay
  • Seals so tightly that air exchanger must be installed
  • An air exchanger insures premium indoor air quality
  • Peace of mind for the life of your home

The Environmental Benefit

  • Greener Environment
  • Formula contains no HCFCs, VOCs or formaldehyde
  • Our spray foam is free of toxic air contaminates
  • No “off gas” over time

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Insulation & Air Sealing System

Owens Corning’s Air Infiltration Barrier with Flexible Seal Technology and EcoTouch PINK Fiberglass Insulation combine to form a complete envelope of protection within walls. EnergyComplete aims to offer the air-sealing properties of spray foam using fewer products and less installation hassle. Its dual-part, detailed sealing substantially increases energy efficiency while making comfort levels more consistent.

EnergyComplete benefits include:

  •  Fiberglass Batt Precision Merged with Air Sealing Advantages
  •  Superior Noise Reduction
  •  Protection Against Unwelcome Pests and Pollutants
  •  Social Responsible Through Recycled Content (EcoTouch)
  •  Safe, Fast and Easy to Apply
  • The Only Air-Sealing Solution to Create a Gasket