blower_door_largeRadiant Barrier Insulation

The southern sun is a wonderful thing, but it can push excess heat into a home from the top down. Radiant barrier, or reflective foil insulation, is used in climates like ours to redirect unwanted warmth. It is installed in attics and other areas where heat trends downward.

Radiant Barrier Services Available, including spray applied and batt insulation types. Contact us here to find out more.

Insulation Removal

Older style insulation types can deteriorate and lose effectiveness over time, leaving a structure vulnerable to moisture, mold and air quality issues. PI is on call to perform out-with-the-old-in-with-the new insulation services when your insulation is due for an upgrade or has been damaged by water or animal intrusion. Once we vacuum and carefully bag the old insulation, we will promptly replace it with modern, effective products for greater efficiency and peace of mind.

Home Inspection, Performance & Energy Management Services

The Panhandle Insulation PI’s are pros at finding your most undercover energy issues and devising a plan to fix them. Our services include Duct Blaster duct leakage testing, Blower Door testing and an overall comprehensive analysis of how your structure can work more efficiently for you.