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Spray Foam Advantages

Blocks airflow by expanding and sealing off leaks, gaps and penetrations. Can serve as a vapor barrier with a better permeability rating than plastic sheeting vapor barriers and consequently reduce the build up of moisture, which can cause mold growth. Can fill wall cavities in finished walls without tearing the walls apart (as required with batts). Works well in tight spaces (like loose-fill, but superior). Provides acoustical insulation (like loose-fill, but superior). Expands while curing, filling bypasses, and providing excellent resistance to air infiltration (unlike batts and blankets, which can leave bypasses and air pockets, and superior to some types of loose-fill. Wet-spray cellulose is comparable.). Increases structural stability (unlike loose-fill, similar to wet-spray cellulose). Can be used in places where loose-fill cannot, such as between joists and rafters. When used between rafters, the spray foam can cover up the nails protruding from the underside of the sheathing, protecting your head. Can be applied in small quantities. Cementitious foam is fireproof.

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